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BlueFit is a relaxed, non intimidating health club where mostly local people come to burn a few calories, tone and shape, improve their health and fitness or let off steam from their busy work schedule.

BlueFit at Lane Cove Aqautic Leisure Centre- Lane Cove

Business Type: Gym, Health Club, Fitness Centre, Fitness Club

2 Little Street
Lane Cove 2066

Telephone: 02 9418 8888
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BlueFit at Lane Cove Aqautic Leisure Centre- Gym - Lane Cove Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 6am - 9pm

Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 4pm.

Public Holidays: 8am - 4pm

BlueFit at Lane Cove Aqautic Leisure Centre - Lane Cove

BlueFit Health Clubs are community minded health and fitness facilities catering for people of all ages, fitness levels and shapes and sizes.

Our Purpose: To Inspire People to Exercise

Our Reason: 7 Reasons to become a BlueFit member:

1.      Exercise produces endorphins which are a group of proteins associated with the brain, making you feel great after working out.

In real terms: Improve your mood even if you’ve had a tough day at work.

2.      Exercise helps regulate sleep patterns and improves the quality of your sleep helping the body to rejuvenate.

In real terms: Feel great after a good night’s sleep.

3.      Exercise increases your metabolism which encourages weight loss.

In real terms: You’ll be happy looking into the mirror each day and feel good about trying on the latest fashions.

4.      Exercise strengthens and tones your muscles helping reduce unwanted flabby areas, improves your posture and reduces ailments.

In real terms: You’ll improve your ability to do day to day activities.

5.      Exercise reduces stress, increases confidence and psychological wellbeing.

In real terms: You’ll have a clearer mind to make decisions and feel good about them.

6.      Exercise improves fitness and the condition of your heart and lungs.

In real terms: You’ll have the energy to kick the soccer ball with the kids until they tire out.

7.      Exercise has a range of other physical benefits such as increasing bone and joint strength, circulation, coordination, agility, glucose regulation, and flexibility.

In real terms: You’ll increase the chances of living a longer, better quality life

 Our Method: 3 Steps to Success

 An Orientation (60 mins) to assess what your wellness, health and fitness goals are, take some basic measurements and blood pressure, develop a strategy and give you a personal program to succeed.

A Supervised Workout (30 mins) to take you through your personal program to ensure you feel comfortable doing the exercises in the program. Also setting your seat, weights, speed and levels on the exercises we have programmed for you.

A Program Review (30mins) to assess your progress and change your exercises in 6-8 weeks time, making sure some of your wellness and fitness short term goals have been reached.

Our Services: Each site has different services including health club, squash, swimming pools, squads, swimming lessons, aquarobics, group fitness classes, mind body spirit classes, Xtreme Marine Boot Camps, Boxing, cycle classes, sauna, spa and steam rooms. Please call the location to verify the services available.


















BlueFit at Lane Cove Aqautic Leisure Centre Lane Cove Facilities & Services

BlueFit at Lane Cove Aqautic Leisure Centre Gym Lane Cove is located near the suburbs of Lane Cove, Artarmon, Longueville, Greenwich, Chatswood.

BlueFit at Lane Cove Aqautic Leisure Centre Lane Cove facilities & services include : gym, health club, fitness centre, fitness club, Changing Rooms, Child Care, Conditioning Machines, Free Weights, Nutrition Programs, PT, Physio/Sports Therapy, Pool, Pro Shop, Rowing Machines, Sauna, Snack/Juice Bar, Spa, Steam Room, Sports Specific Training, Stationary Cycling, Treadmills, Weight Loss Programs, Swimming Lessons, Squads, Running Groups, Walking Groups.
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